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Greece is not only a beautiful place ideal for your vacations but as you already well know closely linked with the Bible in many ways!

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We have guided dozens of faith-building tours, to Athens, Ancient Corinth and throughout Greece, especially to places of Biblical interest and always with Bible on hand.

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- Give you an inspiring adventure with the Bible in hand
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Ancient Corinth was amongst the richest of cities.

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    The Athens sightseeing tour starts at the ancient theatre of Dionysus at the foot of the Acropolis hill. We walk to the Areopagus where Paul held his famous talk in Athens, and then we move on to see the architectural masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens on the Acropolis.


    Starting from Athens we drive westwards along the scenic coast, until we reach the Corinth Canal with its breathtaking views and have a short stop for coffee or to take a picture of the famous canal (78-meters high, 24-meters wide, 6,343-meters long and 12 meters deep).


    It will be a pleasure to visit the Greece branch office! Brief history of the Greece Bethel: In 1922, the first office to oversee the preaching work in Greece was opened on Lombardou Street in Athens.

  • Other parts in Greece

    Philippi, Amphipolis, Thessalonica, Veroia, Patmos, Ephesus (Turkey)

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Travel Tips & Advice Frequently Asked Questions for Greece

What arrangements should I make for medical assistance?

We recommend that you purchase medical and travel insurance before leaving home.

What currency should
I bring to Greece?

Euro Up-todate. Rates can be obtained from your bank or on the Internet.

What facilities are available
to pay motor-way tolls?

Tolls are levied on some motorways in Greece. On the majority of toll roads, fees are collected at traditional barrier-type toll plazas.

Can I use my electrical
devices in Greece?

The domestic electricity supply in Greece is 220V AC (50Hz). If you are bringing your own electrical appliances please remember to bring the converter or transformer you will need.